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Training Service

Purpose: To help clients learn skills necessary for a specific area of expertise

Approach: Teaching, curriculum-based knowledge-transfer, personal application 

Structure: Classroom, keynote talk, or workshop setting

Duration: One-off or set of 3-5 workshops


Feature Programs:

1. Emotional Intelligence

We aim to promote healthy emotional well-being that in turn transforms the way students can control and respond with their emotions effectively. 

3. Leadership Development

We've a special heart for developing the leadership potential in young people who are ambitious and driven to become a changemaker for the future. Whether this looks like mentorship, team building or enterprising, we want to support and grow leaders who will continue to shape and innovate society. 

2. Career Development

We provide the tools and interactive workshops that enable students to reflect about who they are as unique individuals, and generate insights about their career options based on their personality, interests and talents.

4. Communication Skills

We understand the importance for young people to develop effective engagement and communication skills in order to foster meaningful relationships and fruitful working partnerships. 

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Book a free appointment to see how our training service can benefit you. 

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