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Mentoring Service

Matching young people to mentors who understand their personal character and giftings. 

Connecting mentor & mentee:


Step 1: Mentee profile

The mentees fills out a mentoring matching form, to create a profile that highlights key preferences and expectations.

Step 2: Mentor matching

Our team analyses the mentee profile to identify personal interests and qualities that make for the right fit with a suitable mentor.


Step 3: Connecting both

When a match is created, our team initiates a connection for both mentor & mentee to determine if a suitable fit is found.

Step 4: Mentor meeting

When both parties are happy, a purposeful mentoring relationship proceeds forward. 

How mentoring can benefit you

  • Receive practical advice

  • Become empowered to make life and business decisions

  • Receive guidance to identify personal goals and direction

  • Develop strategies to deal with life’s issues

  • Improve communication skills and time management

  • Learn from the experience of others

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