• Maik Friedrich

    Executive Director

    Raised in Germany, Maik left his professional career in a private bank to use his experience to support young people in their life journey. Educated in Germany (Banking), the United Kingdom (International Business) and the USA (Theology), Maik moved to Hong Kong in 2006 to serve students in Asia as staff in different non-profit organizations before joining EA. Hong Kong is also the place where he met his wife Katie who also works with EA. He is passionate to see people discover their gifts and unfold their talents, and live life to all its fullness.


    Director of Project Management

    Born and raised by immigrant parents in the USA, Henry has spent a lifetime of building and crossing bridges. After studying Economics and Criminology, Henry embarked on a career in International Banking and Information Technology in New York City and London. From the corporate world to non-profit organizations and start-ups, Henry has worked with churches and other NGOs to develop and empower young people to lead full lives that are worthy of the gift of life and to leave a positive impact on society. Whether its transcending barriers of culture, language or generations, Henry attributes his success to mentors who invested in him at various stages of life. Seeing the power of mentorship both firsthand and in many others, Henry is passionate about leading and empowering others to take part in this life-giving endeavour.

  • Katie Friedrich

    Senior Service Advisor

    Katie is a native of Montgomery, Alabama USA and lived there until 2009 when she came to Hong Kong. She spent every summer in Hong Kong since 2007 coordinating English camps for teens and leading North American University students to love the city and the people in it. She has served University students for the past seven years, the last four of those in Hong Kong. She studied Nursing at Auburn University and took Counseling courses because she is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles in their lives so they can come to know their purpose and calling… and that their lives are necessary.

  • Andrew Hutton

    Service Advisor

    Andrew was born and brought up in the Black Country in the West Midlands of England. He has a military and law enforcement background and lived in Northern Ireland for much of his working life before moving to Hong Kong. He came to Hong Kong in March 1997 having studied at college in Swansea, South Wales as a mature student. During the more than 20 years spent in Hong Kong he has worked with various NGOs. He joined EA in April 2018. He and his wife Emie have been married for 20 years. They have five children, four boys and a girl born between 2000 and 2014. Andrew has been involved in mentoring young people throughout his adult life. He is keen to see them enjoy the best life they can live.

  • Jeff Tang

    Director of Service Development

    Jeff is a Hong Kong native who pursued his higher education in service development in the UK. Passionate about design, he enjoys generating innovative insights for improving services to empower young people to express their talents and giftings. He has joined the EA team with the hope of enabling the local youth to navigate their life challenges with creativity, resolve, and the courage to try things differently. Jeff is involved in delivering training and coaching services as part of Empower Asia’s service team, bringing an innovative expertise to those services.

  • Chris Chen

    Director of Business Development

    Chris was born and raised in Hong Kong. His passion and love of art and film studies lead him to pursue an education in the U.S. During this time in the U.S, Chris met mentors who inspired him to dedicate his life for social impact. He believes that mentoring is one of the best means for personal transformation and social mobility for underprivileged local youth in Hong Kong. He now serves in the EA team to spread mentoring to schools and students in the local community.

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